One of the reasons we created Langzy was to gather many of the world’s leading MT services in a single place. We want to make it easy for you to access them and to switch between them. Langzy itself does not translate; its purpose is to give you easy access to these underlying services.

There is no single best translation

Language is very flexible. There isn’t a single correct way to translate any sentence or text into another language. Just as no two humans will come up with the exact same translation, today’s modern MT systems also translate the same source in different ways.

Machine translation, however, is only an approximation, and the various services often produce output whose quality is very different.

How MT services differ

There is one very obvious difference between the MT services that you can access in Langzy: they support different language combinations. Depending on the source and target language that you select, you will find that the list of available services changes.

Even when multiple services support your language pair, they may not provide equally good translations. A particular service might have a strength in one language pair, and it might be less ideal for another combination.

Finally, some differences are more subtle. Within a particular language combination, Service A may provide a better translation than Service B for a given type of text, but Service B may be superior to Service A for a different type of text. This is hard to predict. The outcome depends on what the text is about, what special vocabulary it uses, what register it is written in, and similar subtle factors.

For the time being, Langzy does not rank the MT services, or attempt to pick the best one for your text. But we make it really easy for you to play around and compare the results yourself.

MT selection in practice

This is what the MT selector looks like in Langzy once you click on highlighted area:

The MT selector showing the services available for the current language combination in Langzy

The list shows the services available for the current language combination. When you choose a different option here, Langzy will re-translate the text in the window with the new service.

Note that the various services are priced differently. You can see this at a glance on your Balance page.

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